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Is soup squad still dead?

I guess so, no one has told me otherwise, unless anyone wants to bring it back.

@Little-Rena why not assimilate into another "crew", like lock legion?

That would mean being active and I don't think I can commit.

@Little-Rena there's not much activity nowadays anyway :(

I've noticed, and I am part of the problem on that one! It doesn't help that Flash is going the way of the dodo, I haven't bothered to learn anything in HTML5, and I still can't draw to save my life. I don't have many skills to offer, and I'm not sure how many people enjoy low quality animation these days.

I also miss the competitions for Turd of the Week, those were often entertaining.

@Little-Rena you can still export to videos w/ adobe animate, and i have some thoughts about alternative take on the portal

I don't have Adobe Animate, I have Flash CS4, I'm way out of date! But I can still export video with that, it's just a pain to get the settings right, I'm also not used to it. And games, there's defiantly a need to move to something else, I mean, I am capable of learning, I just don't have the motivation.

@Little-Rena you can find everything or ask me, i know where to get that ;)

Can you find me a drawing tablet? I can't draw, so I never invested in one, though I don't think I can download those...

@Little-Rena drawing with mouse is fine too, look at this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7s_VeWy4ws

Oh yeah, I know, and some people are good at it, I'm not! I draw better with a pen than a mouse, but that's not saying much.

@Little-Rena oh come on, mouse is still bearable, just rely on shapes rather then outlines :)

I mean it is, I don't have the skill to draw anyway, so the tool doesn't matter, I just enjoy using a pen more. Biggest problem is more that I lack the motivation to create anything at all these days, getting old.

@Little-Rena oh come on, don't get sad, watch some ll movies, get inspired

I'm not sad, just lacking in motivation, I have many ideas, just no motivation to put them to anything! They always look better in my head.

welcome back than ^^ i think the lay out is really nice and mabey you will stick around for a while now ^^ anyway i hope you enjoy your time here and mabey make some new friends ^^ anyway thanks for reading this comment. (btw saw parts of your name it looks awesome and i am planning to watch it but i haven't had the oppertunity yet but soon i will, hear it was really awesome but kinda sad, so it kinda reminded me of your lie in april anyway i'm rambeling ^^ thanks for reminding me)

Maybe, who knows, currently messing around in the chatroom! And yeah, it is quite a sad film, but happy, and sad, and funny, it's a rollercoaster.

JJ Abrams wants to do an 'American' remake of Your Name... idk man, the further you get away from the source material lol

Yeah, I heard about that, no doubt it's because it was so popular, he thinks if he copies it and makes it American, he can make quick money. I don't like the idea of it, and I hope he doesn't do it.

Always nice to see familiar faces pop up.

Yeah boiiiii!

I just have to figure out how to make one of these neat heading pictures

I just resized an image from the film "Your Name" and put a filter over it, that's the easiest thing to do. Alternatively, you could ask for someone to make something unique for you, or you could use some art you have made yourself. This one you did would probably make a good header, if you have it in a larger size - https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/fro/crayonscape

Your Name does seem interesting! Adding to watchlist. Also what's this I hear of a Soup Squad revival?! ::O It's time!!!

About Flash btw, Swivel really makes it a piece of cake to convert. Just tried it the other day and it's... amazing. Settings all ready. You just add the file and maybe change the resolution to match and: there it goes. To think it took so long to discover it (though I'm not going to stop providing .swf as an alternative ever, it's a legacy).

Anyway cool to see you around!

I don't know, what have you heard about a Soup Squad revival? It tried towards the end of last year, but didn't happen, probably won't happen, might just leave it dead.

As for flash, yeah, Swivel would probably be a good idea to look at, I will just miss using a preloader and having a silly little menu. Of which can probably be done with other methods, I am just not motivated to look into at the moment. Maybe one day, who knows!

Well I was reading the comments here... there seemed to be potential. :)

Yeah those custom menus and loaders... I'm missing those too. So often they had a little creative twist to them too, it was like a bonus over the animation itself, whoever made it. Wonder how such elements might appear via Swivel hmm... haven't tried yet. If the source is still Flash the little extras will still be there for anyone still running the plugin though, and when support is over I'm sure there'll still be a way somehow.

The only way I can think of is through HTML5, or Unity, which would be really strange seeing an animation built in Unity. I do wonder if you can alter the Unity loader that comes up for games with something custom. It's not really a problem, just I used to like working on my menus, even if they weren't pretty!

How do you get into artist news :<

Watched "Your Name" a while earlier, didn't know that it was english for "Kimi no na wa", and had just heard that Knnw was a good film. Moment of realization came when I looked it up on MAL and saw that they were one and the same lol.

It was a good movie! I haven't watched very many anime movies though (...or movies in general) so I can't say, tho, almost every movie is good for me (except Pacific Rim Uprising)

I got into Artist News because I met the criteria, I have won awards for some flash animations/games, and I have had things on the frontpage too. A long time ago, but I did!

And I think one of the good things about Your Name is that it attracted an audience outside of the usual anime fans, it appealed a lot more broader, in the same way Spirited Away did.

@aolko93 @Little-Rena Swivel?

A programme to convert a swf.

@Gimmick @Little-Rena CPU overload? Time? No way people are going to make swf then convert it, that's dumb

They might, I wouldn't, but some people might. Though, I don't think it's going to tax my CPU if I did, even if the poor thing is a bit out of date thesedays.

Definitely liked people working on their menus too, even if they weren't pretty. These standards come at the expense of artistic freedom... as for Unity I've never really liked that program, seems even submissions that don't run via the plugin now easily become CPU heavy/bloated. I still get the occasional one that crashes the browser.

@Little-Rena true, although some say 5cm/s is a better film. Haven't watched it, tho.